These are some really hard times we all are facing today. I see a lot of people are scared because their actually learning a lot about themselves, and are being forced to face their own demons! You’re no longer able to swamp  yourselves at work all day to avoid the troubles at home…  or have to face your true self! You’re no longer able to prance the streets of Las Vegas all night because it’s the city that never sleeps! Partying all night… because the entire city is asleep. Not only the hotels and the restaurants. The people are asleep! Everybody screaming and making jokes about how things should open back up because the kids need to go back to school.  First of all that’s why we have the internet and teachers online… This is the chance to actually sit with your child, work with your child instead of a tutor, learn what your child knows! Some parents been having problems with some work children were bringing home, well now you and your child can sit and learn together online with the teachers. Some parents never been able to attend parent conference meetings… now’s your chance! Parents no longer know how to raise their own children! You actually have some parents that the nannies were raising their children, or the teachers because of after school programs, tutors. Because parents were at work 60% of the child’s time and the other 40% between sleep and school. Get to know your children personally. We don’t have personal relationships anymore because everybody on the go all at different times, coming and going. Also this internet and this technology is so much of a distraction in homes today. How do 2 year old’s know how to work a phone but can’t go to a toilet? they are being brainwashed to the wrong things in this world. Schools have even gotten rid of books and now it’s all computerized, so you really don’t want your child left behind so you buy your children phones and laptops because now it’s needed. Listen to how humans are being pushed out by computers. So we are going to need love in this world for each other because we will be spending much more time together because we will no longer be needed anywhere else but home.

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LOVE ONE ANOTHER: During times like these you would think the world would have gotten some things together . You would think a lot of people were learning how to come together and love… You would think that any quarrels you had with someone, now would be the time to quash the beef! I won’t speak on religion too much but in my religion we’d always say “Times like these everybody should fall to your knees,” You should be learning how to love. We are lacking love. Everybody so busy thinking they have to work 100% of their lives to be better than the next. To have more than the next instead of us all coming together to even and ration. Now what? With all the greed it seems we are all equal now. Unless you special and have a cure EVERYBODY in this same situation together. We are supposed to be caring and praying for each other safety. With this pandemic we saw no matter how much you have you aren’t excluded. All your money and fancy cars and clothes, jewelry can do nothing for you now, they’re only materialistic things that you can’t use in these times. This is times of choices… even though everyday has been times for choices, but right now you have the choice on whether you’ll take this pandemic as a lesson and try to find your own theory or a blessing showing that togetherness and love is what we need. Everybody so uptight! Think about it… if everybody working so hard to have something in the end they won’t even enjoy. And if you’re so busy… too busy for love who will enjoy it when you’re gone? You never had time for love so you’ll die lonely. Who get’s it all? What was it all for? You were lonely the entire time and you were a total bi**h to your family so no one liked you. But you thought it was jealousy but you just was a rotten person because you were programed to be this way. Now you can’t get alone with anyone because your head is in the clouds. And now with this pandemic your money not even able to help you. So if you think love is buying a person, you’re wrong. If you think money will make you happy, you’re wrong! Having the money will fix one thing and may make you happy but it always ruin another… remember that. A person with less money have the purest heart, not only will money change things… it changes people also.img_20181025_1243501074223886.jpg






During this pandemic you would think that I would’ve had at least 3 books written by now. But something I’ve learned about me is that I have a very short attention span no it doesn’t have anything to do with  distractions. I feel those are just excuses people tell themselves to blame anything but themselves of why something isn’t getting done, haven’t been done, or didn’t get done. I knew with everything  being shutdown and everybody had to stay inside that was an authors dream! Because seeing if you’re not with a big publishing company, you ain’t getting no sit down income from being an author. I know being in the Urban Genre that if you don’t have readers (A huge and faithful, down ass fan club) that I’ve saw most of these authors have, you don’t have a nice income flowing that’ll let you floss and flaunt and just chill. That’s why when you see me, well that’s actually why you don’t see me because I’m always behind the scenes trying to figure some shit out. So with that comes you have to go out and do something you’ve never wanted to do… work for someone else and waste most of your day doing something you hate, to come home and not be able to do something you love because you’re too swamped! For one… I knew what my issues were with writing the entire time I’ve been writing. You can blame black of  knowledge, not knowing certain things but then there’s research and asking questions, social medial have all sorts of tools to help you along the way. But that wasn’t my problem. As I said long ago consistency, and determination and discipline is what I lack. I have no self control over my own mind to confront myself! I pretend I get distracted but really and truly, obviously I’m afraid. I have no idea if it’s the attention because I’ve always been shy coming up, so as I became an adult I talked other ways…  I really still haven’t come all the way out of my shell when it comes to crowds. Bet yet, I would love people to be goggling over my books. So why is it that I haven’t published another book since my first series? I feel it’s because we’ve been so trained with time, I felt the pressure of having to have a book done by a deadline with a publisher. So that is what I have to do. Set myself a deadline to put on the pressure!

NEW WORK COMING NEXT WEEK… WITH THE EDITOR!headspace_quote-107548_11-10-2018919887279.png




















































With all the things we go through in this world, we all sometimes need something in the end to fix it all. When we’ve had a hard day in the office, all we want to do is come home to a peaceful home… Bath and relax right? Some just need to relax with that glass of wine, a shot of your favorite drink. When we have a falling out with a significant other, spouse, our children… It’s a call for our favorite cocktail and or just relaxation, or both! Either way, when things get crazy, we need that big thing that we do to overcome all the craziness that we’d rather just sweep under the rug for a later time to deal with it.

Well, I ‘ve always looked at NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION’S that way sometimes. It’s like all the things we do wrong or couldn’t get right all that year, we put it off on that next year, then promise things into the universe. Some of us will do our best to make that pact we made come true and or stick. Some of us put out into the universes unrealistic things that are just way too impossible for ourselves. We know it’s something hard that we know we want to stop or start, You know! goals that we set that we want to come true. Like we using New Years as a wishing well within the universe.

We wait an entire year to change something when we can change things about ourselves every day! I know some people do but it’s funny to see us get all prepared for this one day every year to set goals for ourselves that we would either do and keep doing or not do anymore. We sometimes say we want to lose weight (that’s a huge one on New Year’s), Stop drinking is another.

Some of us say we would get our lives together and do better with ourselves. Ok, I been struggling with my weight off and on for years… Sometimes I would just let myself go! Then one day it’s (the fat) is all there sitting exactly where I put it. I tell myself… I’m losing this weight and I do it. The point is we set goals on New Year’s as if those are the only times we are allowed to do these great things. I know there are motivated goal seekers all year round. I love those types of people! Motivated on a regular…

I told myself its ok to set a realistic goal for myself because I need that motivational goal set every day… That should be a goal! To continue to set a goal daily! No!… Not a bucket list of things I want to do… But a goal setter for everyday! The way we take New Year’s and make it a responsibility day… As if every day can’t be a new year to set a new goal a day as if it’s a new year. It’s a celebration that we’ve made it another year in this world… So we need something big for that right?


This title comes from a conversation I was having with myself as I was taking a smoke break. As I was thinking to myself of any accomplishments I made that I can be proud of myself for. I started to start putting myself down about becoming a published author, wondering to myself “Who are you really trying to convince?” I was mad at myself about  not being successful with my blog site, or even failing at not knowing how to even set up a unique blog site. I’m at this moment acting as if I’ve been at this the same amount of years I’ve been in this relationship I’m in that’s finally hit it’s brick wall. That would be 4 1/2 years on trying something that I’ve saw no results in. too busy looking at him and what wasn’t changing about him I was almost missing what was changing about me.

As I sat there downing myself for what I wasn’t… I got a reality check from myself, A tap on the shoulder … excuse me but didn’t GOD save your grandson Metrie?Then your daughter’s life, in fact your children and your grandchildren lives? Each time they went into the hospital it was life threatening. Don’t you live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that belongs to you and your two babies? Don’t you have a senior about to graduate, haven’t gotten pregnant… interested in leaving for college immediately? Aren’t you a selfish little one?

Miss Edwards! you have a lot to be thankful for in 2019, you’ve succeeded in getting 3 books published in 1 year… Imagine that for one beautiful year… GOD have been busy with you while all alone you been so negative…looking at all the bad things or what you don’t have, rushing publishing when GOD giving you learning time on how to become an author. In order to be a great author you have to learn how to be a great reader and writer. I’ve learned so many things by slowing down, not rushing to be a person you wouldn’t even know how to explain in an interview.

You can’t just sit down, write then think your a writer. Yes, you are a writer if you do this everyday,dream it as you’re sleep, can’t sleep because you have a plot in mind, you have a pen/pencil and tablet on your night stand for a character that came to mind in your sleep. You’re on your way to become an author… A successful published author. But how can you ever get there if you’re continuously beating yourself up everyday about followers on Medium platform or WordPress or Twitter? Give them something to remember who you are… You can’t rush perfection, On your New Year’s Thank you letter to GOD you have many things to be thankful for… including being a struggling writer and a published author. You’re on a writing journey to being a great author.



Yes, I’m writing for the people, but at the same time my writing is for me! what I feel the people may want to read… I try hard to think the real reason I wasn’t focusing on my writing, was because I have been racking my brain daily because I been too focused on how other people will judge my work.

I have to give myself the credit I deserve… I’ve actually written so much, but I’m full of self doubt with my own work, so that leaves me not working on my blogs regularly… then I’m frustrated at myself. Too scared to share what I would come up with; this is how you know if you’re writing for the people or yourself, when I’m finished with any of my work…

I need reassurance from others, even when they tell me it’s good, I still have doubts about publishing… weather it’ll be my poetry, or my articles or my books.“I wonder will they like my writing”? “I wonder if this article is stupid”? “I’m scared to write about this”!Get off social media to read other writers articles, Bam!

The very article I chose to read is similar to what I was just about to write about, self doubt kick in…That article way better than yours will be”! “You don’t have to write today”… “Nobody even will read your work anyways”! Haven’t you saw you are not a writer”! “Your writing really sucks”! But we have to worry if the public like our writing because that’s who’s judging our work because they are taking their time reading it or taking there money and buying it to read.

On and on everyday holding back because my brain been so scrambled these last weeks. I was writing for NaNoWriMo everyday with no problem pumping out words like it was nothing. Suddenly! There was nothing there for me to say anymore. I completely froze up on Thanksgiving eve, My WIP went to me not even opening my desktop to even read or edit my work.

I don’t know what keep happening, I look on Amazon… or I get notifications that these people just published, when I’m still working on a book I been writing going on a year now. All because I want perfection… I don’t even know what perfection is when it comes to writing because the editing process never ends. Soon as I think I can finish writing… I read an article then end up going back!Oh yeah! That’s my flaw on writing… I can’t keep going when I know there’s a flaw, It eats at my ear telling me “ You just read “and or just” shouldn’t be all through your Manuscript”! you need to go back and change all that”!

How about just remembering when you done with the entire Manuscript after you’re finished! Go back and edit the full Manuscript. Polish it, edit it again then again. I have a problem with staying focused, plus I doubt myself daily from the reading I do. I always compare myself to these other Writers. I know I have a far journey to travel, I look forward to embarking on the new ideas I learn as I write my WIP.

I appreciate all the Medium writers and authors when they give us newbies the do’s and don’ts… All though some of us like me still seem to not learn nothing from all this self help they offer I use to think it was basically copying, then I realized…

“Wait! “they’re not saying write what they’re writing or write how they write”! basically they’re saying “Here’s some good information you will need as an aspiring writer/author

Michael Shook -5 Remarkable Ideas Only Great Writer Will Understand…

Cheo( CHAY-oh) How copying writers you like can improve your craft…

These writers are telling us what they have already experienced to us up and coming writers, they’re letting us know what we need and where we may run into a brick wall, so they are simply steering us to where we can go and be ok out there in the writing world… Thank you! I thank all the teachers of writing.

Well, I wouldn’t pretty much say copying, it’s not actually copying unless you actually write everything that author said… following that authors guidance is what I would call what us up and coming writers can do. We read our best author, for sure our writing should better. We would learn so much, and instead of me being afraid to sound like someone else is out the window.

I want to learn that authors skills/knowledge of writing, not their body and soul, they share there knowledge… we pick it up, create our own voice within that given knowledge, you keep your own voice with a splash of a great author, we should surely be ok. Sometimes you may need to step back from the work and give your thoughts time to unwind.


Yes, I’m still here, struggling to stay consistent as usual.  I want to be a great author someday, that inspires other aspiring up and coming writer’s! Well, Needless to say where I’ve been since not here, It’s not like I’ve been on vacation… I don’t have a job. And if I was on vacation, at leas I would have something consistent to write about. But since I’ve just been hanging around the house doing absolutely nothing! That’s it! I’ve done absolutely nothing. So as I figure since I’m a lost writer going all over the internet blind, even though I do read so many writing articles… I’m still blind out here. I know they say there’s stories all around us, our neighbors, at stores, watching television… so on and so on.

But me, I still have no clue what to do next seeing I am my own worse critic. Even when I get a green light from other’s, I still feel it isn’t enough. Then they say, “Write your article over a period of days… Not minutes! But see me, I think I’m a writer right? I mean that’s how I felt for a while… Why can’t I just write on my blog all day? Well now I know why! I’m my own worse critic! Nobody else have to just tell me my writing sucks! I don’t need a bunch of strangers even embarrassing me by paying me a measly couple of bucks after all the hard work I put into an article, you’d actually see me trying to get paid as a struggling, aspiring writer and give me NO CREDIT! NO CLAPS! NO MONEY? WHAT?

Now if that ain’t enough to get a person with a brain like mines, that mind already runs fictional as a character in my own stories. You mean I’m the only one that thinks this makes sense? Si I know I’m not supposed to give up, I know I’m supposed to write regardless to what because there will be others that think my writing isn’t good enough.

Well I know this because I’m just beginning my journey! I have no Editor or Agent! DUH! Come on Kiesha… You have to give yourself credit that your even sitting down writing. And even more credit sharing it with the world. But still I have this feeling that everyone thinks my writing sucks… Out of 157 followers I can’t even get paid $20.00 for Articles that I myself thought was good enough to at least get $5.00. But no… Nothing. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, like just giving up. But then I continued reading other authors, not just writers like me. The paid professionals… The big kahunas. Where this writing stuff all came from.

All I ever get is the exact same messages. write everyday, or sometimes, just don’t write at all! Give yourself a break.  Well it always seems my breaks are me walking out the office quitting my job I love so dearly, But I feel so drained doing something I claim to love so much! Me and my crazy writing world. Well here I am, Back to give you’ll some old boring story I hope will keep you’ll busy for another  4 or 5 months. And I hope the subscribers I did have are still here waiting for me to give them ANYTHING TO READ!


I wrote this poem for my mother after she lost her husband October 3, 2015. She ended up loosing the house because her name wasn’t on the lease. They had met in church. It was a beautiful story how he say he always used to watch my mother come to church and he wanted to talk to her but he was scared to talk to her because she looked mean. I love my papa, I miss him so much because I’, 42 years old and never had the opportunity to have a father until I met Robert Taylor. He treated us all as if we were his real children. He passed at home while she was dressing him for his dialysis. It hurt so bad because she was home alone with him alone and he asked her for a bottle of water, she says when she brought him his normal room temperature water that he liked… He sent it back and told her bring him a bottle of cold water. She say she knew something was wrong then because he didn’t drink cold water. She went to exchange the water, but when she gave it to him and went to push him… his head dropped, she knew he was gone then.

Tears just flowing as I type this because I have to think about how we can never know what others are really going through. We never know their last hour, minute or second or even day. So when I watch my mother in how much she has endured it inspired me to write a book about her. She is truly a true inspiration and hero in my eyes because she has been trough so much within my 42 years I have watched, so I couldn’t imagine before me. I do know I watched her care for a man who took her and changed her life and brought so much happiness. She has lost everyone before and after her, she overcame alcoholism without a program, just stopped all on her own. I’m just very proud of my mother… She’s not Mrs. America or a superstar… But I feel her story needs to be told because of the hero she is in my eyes.

As I grasp the feelings of sadness & despair; I look over at you empty chair…you’re not there.

This house you built no longer feels like a home; And you left me here all alone…. I just can’t believe you’re gone.

You built this home with your bare hands and we built so many memories; And me leaving I know was never in your plans.

One of the happiest days of my life was when you became my groom; I thought we would be together forever but you left me so soon.

Now I left our home and it looks as if for it no one has ever cared; To live there without you was a thought I once bared.

It was so lonely there, nothing there to do nothing there to see; No one was there but me.

It was quiet, empty and so cold; Furniture covered in so many memories to unfold… that you never told.

No echoes of your voice coming from down the hall; Just loneliness, pain and hurt within these walls.

No more holding to this home that we once shared together; because you always told me it will be forever.

I can’t enjoy moments of happiness, tears of joy if your not here; When I think of you moments of sadness comes is what I fear.

Our happy memories I keep bundled close to my heart; I hold them so near and dear so it’ll feel we’re not so far apart.

I know you never meant to hurt me and if you cold stay you would still be here; I know you would only bring me happiness and never make me shed a tear.

3 Things to do After you Finish a Draft

Great advice… from BM Morgan

Beatrice B. Morgan

Y’all know that feeling after you get to the end of a draft? That “there’s nothing after this”
kind of feeling. You have reached the end. You have completed a revision.

Now what?

Some writers dive right back in, however, sometimes it’s best to let your creative jets cool down before firing them up again. Don’t want to overheat, do you?

Here are the 3 things that I do after I finish a draft. Tried and true ways to shake up those creative engines while at the same time letting them relax.

1. Read 

Reading is a way to see how it’s done. How your favorite authors do it. How the debut authors do it. How writing and plot works in the eyes of the publishing industry – and what doesn’t work. Find new books that refuse to let you sleep, that you obsess over.

2. Research

I enjoy…

View original post 174 more words


What I just learn from THE ASCENT from MEDIUM is that I need to really learn how to be a consistent writer, See! I felt  better even writing that and repeating it over in my head. I feel better even knowing finally… I will start taking on responsibility of being consistent if I ever plan on getting paid as a writer. And especially if I have ANY plans  on being an author. How in the world do I ever expect to write a full book if I lag around the house not writing and feeling sorry for myself.

Yes I have plans to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo, but I can imagine how that’s about be with me making an excuse. I need to get way more responsible then what I have been being with my writing. I mean as far as writing with pen and paper I have so many folders  that I can share my work. But that’s my problem… I look through it then start judging myself instead of letting the world choose what they like and what they don’t like. I guess that’s called being afraid of rejection.

I  just make sure I don’t leave room for anyone else to judge my work. So with that I will be here so can you people in the world make room on your schedules to start reading because I will be finally getting my work edited as best as I can and share my knowledge I know I have and start getting ready for rejection because I do know my work will not be satisfying to the entire world. And it’s not for the entire world to like if that’s the case that’s at hand, as long as it reaches some… I know I am cut for this writing thing if I just sit and write like I know I can. It’s hard when you have those little people on your shoulders dragging on your soul sucking you dry of the knowledge you have, wanting you to fail.

I know all about if you want to be a writer, just write… it basically seems dry and unattached from the message that, without consistency… nothing’s possible. Consistency basically puts you in the being responsible and owning up to your shit!. Stop makin excuses for something that’s so simple as sitting down and writing. And another problem I have is being a rusher. I be so much in a rush to get an article out & published for other’s to read that I don’t edit. Why would you just wait and go back and read your article before you hit publish?

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer
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I just need to get it all together and get responsible like all the people still publishing  their books on Amazon because they show consistency in what they interest is… writing their books!. But I have no clue why I have everything I need and want to make my dreams come true but I just keep making excuses to do it. I have everything from IPAD’S to Laptops but yet I create a frenzy to some reason I ain’t sitting down writing. Create goals for myself is one way I will become successful in my writer.

I will be a writer…

I will stay focused

I will sit and be consistent in my writing…

I will publish a book on Amazon.



And it will be worth anyone’s time for their buying and reading.


Beginning with just a simple email… Thanks, Chris Baty.

With all that throughout time, they created the most extraordinary idea for writers.

Camp NaNoWriMo has helped writers all across the nation, young and old. It teaches dedication, focus & willpower to finish a deadline.

It’s fun & creative… But what I love most about camp NaNoWriMo is you get to create cabins with buddies, that will inspire & motivate you to push to the end.

In July, during camp, I had an unfortunate event but ended as a blessing… My Camp NaNoWriMo buddies supported me all the way & keep me sane.

WHAT CAMP NaNo means to me is that I will get on this project this time and stay on it and get it done this time.

And with a real author behind me daily giving me pointers to assure I stay focused and not contained writer’s block in the midst of writing a novel in a month! Eek, don’t just saying it freeze your brain already?

I love the way they have the camp, young writers program

So, I tell my family all about camp coming up this November 1st because I was so horribly attacked in my July session, and I couldn’t enjoy my writing.

My daughter Tramaine, a few days after being shot 3 times… 2 shots were life threatening…

All I want this November 1st, is to really get to engage in Camp NaNoWriMo from November 1st until the very last day in November for Camp. I really don’t care about winning… I mean I would love to, but I just want a full participation and I’m happy.

Is it s’mores and campfires time, the time to sit around the fire and tell horror stories, to write about later on of course, doesn’t this all sound so fun?

Well, I don’t have a campfire in the woods to camp out, how I wish I did… BUT! I have my hammock outback, I have my iPad and my android, I have this antique fireplace that goes outside, and me and the grands will have Camp NaNoWriMo in my back yard.